Immediate, Real-​World Revenue: ​Own a Power Bank ​Rental Empire

Start earning effortlessly with our automated ​power bank rental system. A proven and ​growing business model.

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About Our Project

Start earning effortlessly with our ​automated power bank rental system.

A proven and growing business model.Place stations in popular spots like bars ​and shops, and tap into a stream of passive ​income. Join a movement that combines ​convenience with innovation. Your path to ​financial freedom begins here!

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What's in it for you

Immediate returns

User abound will use the ​power bank stations ​generating immediate ​revenue.

Mobile App Enhancement ​Our app will boost network ​performance and your ​revenue.

Hassle-Free InvestmentInvest without worrying ​about the day-to-day ​management. Zero ​operations needed.

Fast Break-Even ​Projected to recover your ​investment well within a ​year.*

Fractional OwnershipFlexible investment ​options with fractional ​revenue. Share investment ​and revenue with as many ​as you want.

Top Performers BonusExtra earnings for being a ​standout in our network. ​Choose your location ​wisely.

4 Steps to Join the ​Mission


Choose a Power Bank ​that suits the location ​and invest

Install it

You install the Power ​Bank Station at the host ​you’ve agreed with

People use it

Loads of people frequent ​the location of the host. ​They rent your Power ​Banks

Earn passive income

Automatically receive ​your revenue. From the ​get-go

Our station

Daily power consumption: 0.43kW·h/day

Machine Size (LWH): 260x180x280mm

Weight: 4.45Kg

Input: DC12V-5A

Connectivity : 3G & WIFI

Loading powerbanks: 4 pcs

Stackable : yes (by 4 powerbanks)

< 500€


6 - 12 months

return on investment

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Where to place the station

Ask yourself, where do loads of people gather? Hotels, bars, restaurants. Where else? Gyms, ​hospitals, sports associations, schools, arcade centers... Be creative, earn passive income.




Revenue example*

*Revenue per month of a micro station placed in Belgium at a bar with good traffic

The revenue split

You 💪

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Rental fee

VAT + Fee

JuiceUp earns mainly through power bank rentals, with a 70/30 revenue split favoring station owners. This ensures shared growth and aligned goals. Additionally, advertising revenue from station displays may boost future earnings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits does investing in JuiceUp provide?

JuiceUp offers seamless integration into an innovative charging network, with our team handling maintenance and updates for hassle-free ownership. Investors benefit from potential interest-earning revenue through tokenization, and enjoy perks like discounted rates at network station

How can I host a JuiceUp station at my location?

If you have a strategic location for a JuiceUp station, we welcome you to join our network. Contact us directly to discuss partnership opportunities and how you can benefit from installing a JuiceUp station.

Why introduce a token in JuiceUp's ecosystem?

The token enhances transparency and security in transactions, rewards owners, and supports community decisions on upgrades. It benefits investors by symbolizing network ownership, reducing fees, automating profits, and offering interest earnings. It also rewards top station locations and offers discounts to frequent users paying with cryptocurrency.

Become a partner and ​add a passive

income stream now

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